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The Royal School of Butlers


HRH Princess Katarina is the patron of The Royal School Of Butlers, and

Her Royal Highness also teaches on the course.


In 2115 Grant Harrold, The Royal butler and Blenheim Palace formed a partnership to create The Royal Etiquette and Butler School at Blenheim Palace. The Partnership has also founded The Royal School of Butlers. The course will include classes in Butlering, Housekeeper Training and British Etiquette. The courses are being run at Blenheim Palace, as well as Oxford Brookes University and Thornbury Castle with some of the country's best-known Recruitment Specialists.


The Butler and Housekeeping course is an introduction to the world of a Butler, Housekeeper and Household staff for students or others who would like to enter into this unique profession.  With our help, we will see you through the course and will endeavour to advise and guide you in finding you a position in an environment where you can continue to develop.


The course runs throughout the year. Once you have completed the course you will be presented with a certificate to confirm you completed the course. This will be presented by HRH Princess Katarina at Blenheim Palace.


Please visit - The Royal School for further information. 


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