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Royal Etiquette Workshop


HRH Princess Katarina has teamed up with Grant Harrold "The Royal Butler", who was formerly a Royal Butler to HRH the Prince of Wales and HRH the Duchess of Cornwall from 2004 until 2011.


HRH Princess Katarina and Grant Harrold have devised talks and demonstrations on a range of subjects from Royal Afternoon Tea Etiquette to the skills required to be the perfect host and hostess, and of course not forgetting their unique etiquette dinner parties. These are held at Blenheim Palace, The Ritz Hotel and Thornbury Castle


The Royal and British etiquette classes are an introduction to the world of social refinement. All our courses and workshops are tailored to your requirements. 


We run courses at Blenheim Palace near Oxford, The Ritz Hotel London and Thornbury Castle, Bristol.  Our venues are unique as they include a Palace and a Royal Castle.


Blenheim Palace was built as a gift to the 1st Duke of Marlborough by Queen Anne as a thank you from a grateful nation over his win at the battle of Blenheim in southern Germany.  Thornbury Castle is a former home of King Henry VIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn, mother of Elizabeth I. 


For further information, please visit - The Royal School, who run the offices of HRH Princess Katarina and Mr Grant Harrold "The Royal Butler".


Mr Grant Harrold is also a personal aide and advisor to HRH Princess Katarina, 



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