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Princess Katarina is a member of two Royal Dynasties. She is a member of The British Royal Family and The Serbian Royal Family.

HRH Princess Katarina


HRH Princess Katarina was born in London the daughter of HRH Prince Tomislav of Yugoslavia and HRH Princess Margarita of Baden. Her father, HRH Prince Tomislav, was the second son of HM King Alexander I of Yugoslavia, who married Maria, the daughter of HM King Ferdinand I of Romania. He was the younger brother of the last King of Yugoslavia,HM King Peter II, who was forced into exile from his country during the Second World War.


Maria’s maternal grandfather was HRH Prince Alfred, the second son of HM Queen Victoria and HRH Prince Albert. Princess Katarina’s mother, HRH Princess Margarita, was a niece of HRH The Duke Of Edinburgh and first cousin to HRH The Prince Of Wales. She was the daughter of Berthold, Margrave Of Baden and HRH Princess Theodora Of Greece and Denmark, the sister of HRH Prince Philip. HRH Princess Margarita's paternal Grandmother was HRH Princess Marie Louise Of Hanover and Cumberland, a Great-Great-Granddaughter of HM King George III Of the United Kingdom.


Her maternal Grandmother, Princess Alice of Battenberg, was the mother of HRH Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh and whose Grandmother was HRH Princess Alice, Grand Duchess of Hesse, the second daughter of HM Queen Victoria and HRH Prince Albert. Therefore, HRH Princess Katarina is related to The British Royal Family from both her father and her mother’s side of the family.


HRH Princess Katarina is The President of The Guild of Travel and Tourism, Patron of The Royal School of Butlers, and is actively involved in supporting many charitable causes.

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